Baltimore Computer Services

Enterprise solutions and support for small businesses

Baltimore Computer Services provides technology solutions to growing businesses. Our goal is to bring your computer needs to the next level.  Baltimore Computer Services takes pride in providing personal computer, server and network support.  Even when your computer is working fine and all your documents are printing perfectly, ongoing monitoring of your company infrastructure heads off problems before impacting productivity. 

With "Managed Services", weekly visits provide effective infrastructure monitoring and maintenance.  Quarterly executive updates keep projects on track.  No hassle, no worries and no more long telephone support calls.  Imagine having your own company IT technician onsite. PC users are a top priority and are given the highest professional attention.

Whether it's simply a slow computer, the need for a corporate server or network infrastructure upgrade, complete end to end solutions are implemented at an enterprise level.  Contact us for consultation of your requirements and a free  assessment of existing hardware.


Baltimore Computer Services, PO Box 18154, Baltimore, MD. 21220

Baltimore computer services is a Dell registered partner.